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Blenders are essential in any healthy living kitchen. A good blender will allow you to make…

  • Blentech Blendersoups
  • sauces
  • smoothies
  • blended salads
  • green drinks
  • fruit drinks
  • vegetable drinks
  • dipsVitaMix Blender
  • dressings
  • salsas
  • desserts
  • pies
  • jams
  • juices
  • and much more

The two blenders I recommend are the VitaMix and the Blendtec. Here are the major differences between the two.

The Blendtec K-Tech is powerful, well built and can handle most any job. The controls are automated, just select a mode and it works automatically until it’s done (or you turn it off).

The VitaMix is also very well built, powerful and has a great guarantee. The major difference here is that the VitaMix has manual controls, an on/off, variable speed and hi speed switch. You control the blending 100%. Personally I prefer the VitaMix since I can control the blending process. Once you use it a few times you get a good feeling on what works best for each recipe. I use mine several times a day or more and find it an essential part to my health.

> Online Store > Kitchen

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