Benefits of the Raw Food Diet Featured

Posted on January 9th, 2008 in interviews,lifestyle,raw diet,vegan diet,video by Vegan Raw Diet Advocate
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The raw vegan diet was recently featured on E! Entertainment television interviewing raw food chefs and speakers including David Wolfe, Juliano and Gabrielle Brick among others. This video gives a good explanation of the different versions of the raw lifestyle, benefits and explanations of how far the raw food movement has come. Interestingly, the video is 98% positive and reinforcement of healthy habits, and the producers gave the last word to a dietitian who recommends a better balance (to them) of raw and cooked foods. Well, this is a major improvement for dietitians since they haven’t recommended raw foods at all in the past and follow a more ‘doctor’ supported outlook on eating. In the recent past the raw food diet has been talked about more often and supported by more people than in recent history. And for good reason… it works. This is good news and hopefully a step in the right direction for mainstream media and dietitians to accept and report on the benefits of a raw vegan lifestyle. Enjoy the video!

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