Before and After: 160 Pound Raw Food Weight Loss

Posted on September 26th, 2008 in diet,interviews,raw diet,raw food weight loss,raw vegan diet,vegan diet,video,weight loss by Vegan Raw Diet Advocate
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Raw foodist Angela was featured on CNN today, a great outlet to help others learn about the true power of the raw food diet in not only losing weight, but regaining optimal health.

Angela Stokes used to weigh 300 pounds, was unwell and miserable as she recalls. She ate junk food all the time and ate emotionally. Then one day she received some information about the raw food diet from a friend and it made an impression on her. She started eating raw the next day and the rest is history. She lost 160 pounds on a raw vegetable diet and is now happier than she ever has been. Angela notes, ‘To me, the thing with raw food is that it just makes sense. It’s simple and natural, eating food straight from the earth. There’s no rocket science, no mystery… Once you understand the simple principal that no other animal in the wild eats cooked or processed foods. That’s it.’

Here is a radio interview with Angela by Sally Jesse Raphael discussing her juice feast along with her before and after pictures.

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