Are You Dressing In Chemicals Today?

Posted on September 13th, 2005 in clothing,organic,toxins by Vegan Raw Diet Advocate
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Along with a diet rich in fresh, organically grown foods, consideration should be given to the clothes you wear as well. Not only for the fact that your skin is in constant contact with your clothing, but also for the way certain fabrics are made and their impact on our environment.

For example, did you know that just one 100% cotton t-shirt made from conventionally grown cotton uses over 1/3 of a pound of synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals? And that over 10% of all agricultural chemicals in the United States are used to produce cotton, on just 1% of farm land?

You see, since cotton is a fiber, and not a food, chemicals are used extensively to grow it. Unfortunately, cotton is also used to create cottonseed oil, an ingredient widely used in processed foods and is also fed to cattle.

As you can see, the impact of increased use of chemicals in cotton production is widespread, not only affecting the environment from chemical and synthetic fertilizers contaminating our water and soil, but also our food sources through meats and processed foods.

Where can you find organically grown cotton clothing?

Many companies have begun offering organically grown cotton and hemp clothing lines. One example of a pioneer in organically grown cotton use is outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia. They’ve been using organic cotton since 1996 and produce high quality, rugged and long lasting clothing. I’ve personally experienced the quality and durability of their products and recommend them highly. You can find the Patagonia line at retailers like REI and other outdoor clothing specialists. Here’s a buying tip. Look for Patagonia clothing on Ebay to get the most for your money.

Also, the clothes that are closest to your body, underwear, is probably the best first step in your organic clothing line. For men, Red Dog Eco Sport makes a great line, and for women, GoodHumans carries a good selection of briefs and bikini style cuts.

Another reason to select fresh, raw, organic and whole foods for your best health.

To your best health!


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