Fruits, A Natural For Children and Health

Posted on November 29th, 2007 in children,eating,food,raw diet,vegan diet by Vegan Raw Diet Advocate
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It’s intuitive for children to naturally want fresh fruits as they are growing up, they reach for it, ask for it if you make it available. We teach them to like cooked and processed foods by feeding it to them, otherwise they’d reject it. Nursing is the first step to health as confirmed by study after study, especially the latest from the World Cancer Research 5 year study that recommends nursing children through at least 6 months as way to stay healthy and avoid disease, especially cancer. Here’s further proof from Jinjee Talifero, co-author of ‘The Garden Diet‘, speaking about her daughter:

“Yarrow is six months old now and reaching out for sweet glistening colorful fruits whenever I’m handling them. They say you know your baby is ready to eat solids when they start watching you eat. And it is interesting that fruits are the things that really attract her. Nothing else has such appeal! – pun unintended. So far she’s teething on pieces of apples and hard persimmons that she can hold, but are big enough that she can’t choke on them. Soon I’ll be straining soft fruits and feeding them to her with a spoon but so far she doesn’t seem to want to swallow the mushy stuff. She is growing really big just nursing for now.”

In Joy!
The Garden Diet

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